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Brandy speaks on The Final Season Of The Game

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Dorian is the perfect son and Moesha is the wild child when Mo ponders what would have happened if Frank stayed with Barbara.

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Tonight Brandy attended The 2015 BET Awards, alongside her brother Ray J. Brandy wore  her long-sleeve, high-neck flare dress a pop of color with pink suede Casadei pumps. Brandy and the rest of the cast from BET’s The Game, presented the award for Best Male HipHop Artist. Also, I would like everyone to welcome Jawan & Allyson to the BrandyDaily family! These two are two starz who represent Brandy and the STARFamily in a positive light! I look forward to the magic we make going forward with BrandyDaily!




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Today, June 28th, marks the 11th anniversary of the critically acclaimed album Afrodisiac. The record is a fan favorite and highly adored by Brandy’s industry peers. Check out how the album inspired some artists below.

Guitarist of Red Hot Chilli Peppers, John Frusciante, on his love for Afrodisiac:

I just love the songs that Timbaland did on this album. Again, being such a student of backing vocals, she’s doing something different; she’s doing so many vocals that there’s never a space. Whenever one voice stops, another one does something in it’s place — there’s very little space and there are so many vocal parts that are breathy, you don’t know what you’re listening to. There’s so much going on, you can’t hear them with your conscious: you have to hear her voice with your subconscious. Even as a backup vocalist with a keen ear, I can’t hear where one part’s starting and one’s ending because they’re all overplaying all over the place. Some of them have a watery sound, then metallic; she really creates a lot of dimension with her vocals, and Timbaland’s production does stuff that’s very avant-garde, very abstract and yet, in this context of pop music, I’m impressed with that. Noise in a pop context is such a beautiful thing to see.”

Superstar Rihanna on how Afrodisiac inspired her best selling album, “Good Girl Gone Bad”:

“This time around, I just wanted to make an album that people could listen to from beginning to end without skipping any because it’s always a waste of time me going to the studio to record a song and then people skip it. When I buy an album I hate when I have to skip songs and I just have two songs to listen to. Brandy’s Afrodisiac album really helped to inspire that as well, because that album I listen to all day, all night. When I was in the studio, that was the album that I listened to all the time and I really admired that every song was a great song. You could listen to the entire album. And I was like, ‘You know what? I have to make an album like this.'”

What are some of your personal favorites from this album? Let us know below!

Photo Credit: Roger Erikson

Photo Credit: Roger Erikson


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Brandy Norwood, Nate Berkus and Jeremiah Brent attend the Anaheim/Orange County Visitor & Convention Bureau unveiling of its new brand bringing the sun and fun of Anaheim to the Big Apple with experience Anaheim and Orange County 3D interactive virtual vacation outside the flatiron Building on June 24, 2015 in New York City.

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Wow! what an amazing weekend, The #Starz were out in full effect saturday in support of our girl Brandy! I just wanted to take some time to say thank you to all of you who came to the meet and greet. Meeting each and every one of you, I had some nice conversations and a lot of laughs. Kia and I really worked hard to make this all happen, The reward for us was to see you all happy. One thing that I like is that Brandy fans (Starz) are really like family and this meet and greet showed that!

This was my first time to NYC, so what better way then to go with friends. Our first stop we went to Dallas BBQs we all wanted to go, I do not recommend anyone going to the BBQs in Time Square the service was not good at all. The best part about us going is that we all were together & maybe the drinks haha! Next, we went to our hotel, changed clothes, and headed to the meet and greet. We arrived a little late (We apologize to those who waited), New York traffic is something out of this world! Eventually everyone came that said they were attending, we took photos, laughed, played games and more! We had a surprise guest for the Starz at the meet and greet, BRANDY came! The starz went crazy, their excitement meant alot to me, the smiles, the OMG Brandy is here, the reactions were priceless. Thanks to my bro Frank (Silentbx) for helping me pull that off <3!

After the meet and greet we all headed to the theater, so we could see our girl as Roxie. I will not give any details about the actual show but I will say Brandy became Roxie on that stage! Chicago was GREAT, the cast was amazing it was just an awesome show. You guys have to plan to go see Brandy as Roxie, she will be there until August 2nd. Get your tickets today (click here SAVE $50)!

The show ended and We (Me, Kia, 4everKelz & Carey) had the chance to play on the stage, meet some of the cast, it was an awesome experience. shortly after Brandy walked out to greet her fans and that was an experience within itself. The way her fans roared when she came out was a noise I will never forget, a good friend of hers Robin Ayers was there also :). She was so proud and just happy for her friend and the connection they have was evident I loved seeing that. As we all know Brandy signs everything, she takes a few pics, she loves on you when she meets each fan. It was awesome to see that Michael from Canada FINALLY got his chance to meet Brandy, it was heartwarming to be able to witness it. He is so adorable and loveable! Forest, Kendra, Jay and a few others met Brandy for the first time Saturday as well! During the last 30 minutes or so, the theater turned the lights off outside, Brandy moved the line up into the light and continued to greet her fans. One thing I took from that is she really appreciates her fans and genuinely loves us.

I really hope you enjoyed the meet and greet as much as I did! It was really nice getting to know you guys! Until next timeeeee #Peace :)

Check out the photos below…
If you have photos of videos you would like to share, email them to me
PS, the videos from the game we played are posted in the Divine Stars FB Group, I will post the rest of the videos sometime today on our IG!

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