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There’s the artist, and there’s the machine behind them. Many don’t know the many pieces that go into weaving together a superstar, but Brandy wants to make it known just who-is-who and the magic they bring along with them. Watch as she gives candid, heart-warming accounts about the incredible team that have her back both professionally and personally.

Beautiful. Here’s to their continued success!

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Happy Sunday Starz! We all have that one (or several) Brandy song that we can listen to and say that it has gotten us through the roughest patch of our lives. I have heard stories about how a certain song has stopped someone from committing suicide or that hearing her voice has helped them to get over the death of someone close to them. She is, always has been and always will be an inspiration to us all. It is hard to open up and tell about your journey but recently one of the brightest starz shared the one song that is near and dear to her heart.

This song has recently become close to my heart. February 5th I lost my mother. And it’s this song that reassures to me “to be absent in the body is to be present with the Lord.” This song reminds me that she is here with me always and always rooting me on. Thank you Brandy!

The song that she is speaking of is Right Here (Departed) I know many of us can attest to the fact that this song hit us somewhere deep because we have all had that one person that we wish was near. Enjoy the rest of this beautiful day and remember when your tears have dried from crying and the world has turned silent when the clouds have all departed you’ll be right here with me! Thank you for sharing Unique!!!



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A while ago our dear friend Silent of sat down with Jazmine Sullivan who had nothing but great things to say about Ms. Norwood and the influence she has had on her. Check out what she had to say! And be sure to head over to for all the EXCLUSIVE content you could ever dream of!

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Host of Broadway Black Box, Andrew Shade, sits down with Brandy Norwood to talk about her Broadway debut in Chicago The Musical, how she got to this point, & where she’s headed!

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Brandy was a guest on ‘Access Hollywood Live’

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Today, Brandy was a special guest on the ‘Today’ show to talk about her last few weeks as Roxie in ‘Chicago The Musical’, singing on the subway, and her upcoming hit television show ‘Zoe Ever After’.

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Brandy recently made it known to the Starz that new music and Zoë Ever After are atop her list of priorities after her run on Chicago: The Musical. Still, to whet the fans’ growing appetite for new music from her, Brandy discreetly dropped two unreleased snippets through her daily workout Insta-vids. The comments of shock-and-awe began to pile by the hundreds, and it was pret-ty evident the Starz were satisfied with the appetizers Brandy so graciously gave. If you haven’t heard already, check out the two clips below:

Brandy mentioned in a recent interview with The Brandy Blog that the new music would be more reflective of the space she’s in now. With that said, it’s our guess that these songs were recorded sometime last year and won’t end up on either the EP or the album. The aptly titled “Salvation” and “Melancholy”(the latter being produced by Swagg R’celious) definitely give off more of a darker, moody sound, which fans seem to love from Brandy. Here’s hoping none of the gems she recorded during that period go into the vault never to be heard again. Wouldn’t it be a pleasant surprise if Brandy were to release these two songs in full before the EP releases, you know, just to hold us over before the “hold over”? Hmm, just a thought!

Be sure to comment your thoughts on the snippets, and share some of your excitement from the new records. What are you liking so far?

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