Moesha Monday: “Friends”

Head cheerleader Ashli approaches Moesha with the opportunity to try out for the cheerleading squad but Moesha isn’t interested. Aspiring cheerleader Kim persuades Moesha to audition with her for moral support. But when Kim makes the cut and Moesha doesn’t, Moesha becomes jealous. Meanwhile, Frank learns that Dee is slightly older than he and begins to ridicule her. Hakeem goes into a feeding frenzy in hopes of making it on the basketball team.

Are Ariana Grande & Jessie J Recording ‘The Boy Is Mine’?

Producer Rodney ‘Darkchild’ Jerkins has appeared to let slip that he’s worked on a remake of The Boy Is Mine with Ariana Grande and Jessie J. The song, which was a global hit for Brandy and Monica back in 1998, seems to have got a spruce up from the producer, with the Bang Bang singers teaming up again on the tune.

Next year is my 20-year anniversary and I’m doing a very special project. Some originals as well as reimagined hits. So for example, I’ll do the “The Boy Is Mine” with Ariana and Jessie J. Sam is doing “It’s Not Right It’s Okay” by Whitney Houston, which Sam told me was the song that made him want to sing. When I asked him if he’d be a part of this project he was like, “No one else can do that song but me!” Sam’s the truth. He has a great heart and he’s genuine. His music speaks for who he is. This is a project I’m really looking forward to.

He also revealed that Sam Smith will take on Whitney’s Houston’s huge song It’s Not Right But It’s Okay. When asked by Hits Daily Double what his plans were for 2015, Jerkins confirmed the news that Ari and Jessie have reworked the track, stating: “Next year is my 20-year anniversary and I’m doing a very special project. Some originals as well as reimagined hits.

So for example, I’ll do the The Boy Is Mine with Ariana and Jesse J. Sam is doing It’s Not Right But It’s Okay by Whitney Houston, which Sam told me was the song that made him want to sing.

Interview: Pat Houston Wants @4everbrandy To Play Whitney Houston On Broadway

A few days ago Pat Houston sat down with to speak on the Whitney Houston biopic, Whitney Houston, and Wanting Brandy to Play Whitney! Check out the exerpt from the interview below:

Whitney is known as the voice of her generation, but people forget she was great as a live performer. How would you describe her stage presence?
She wasn’t the type of performer to go on stage just to sing. When she went out, she took her entire being with her. When she performed, she gave you her best. She sang with great conviction, just like her mother [Cissy Houston]. It wasn’t just a performance, it was her life. She loved doing live performances.

Can we expect more unreleased material?
I am really hoping and wishing for a duets album. It’s something Whitney and I spoke about when she was alive and I want to make sure it happens. Any and everything she wanted to do, I want to make sure that we do it. There are many things that I would consider. I would love to see a Broadway play on Whitney’s life, with Brandy Norwood playing Whitney. Brandy would be perfect on Broadway playing Whitney, in my opinion. But everything is about timing. I would only do something that I know Whitney would want to happen.

To read the full interview click here


Listen to @MysterySkulls’ “Number 1” Feat. @4everBrandy and @NileRodgers

It used to be that schools of music–one clearly influenced by Nile Rodgers (with seminal disco outfit Chic and his solo output) and another which straightforwardly descended from Daft Punk–were treated with a bit of separation. That’s less true these days, though; just see last year’s collab between the two, “Get Lucky.” Newcomer Mystery Skulls–aka Luis Dubuc–invoke that same disco dance bliss pretty explicitly on his new track “Number 1,” featuring Rodgers himself and R&B singer Brandy. “I wrote the song with [Brandy] in mind,” Dubuc tells The FADER of “Number 1.” “Then one day she heard it through someone we both knew, and she said yes. We were in the studio like a week later. When she showed up, she asked to sing on my other track, ‘Magic,’ as well. Brandy’s voice is stunning!” (“Magic” also features Rodgers.) Stream “Number 1″ below, and find both tracks on Mystery Skulls’ debut album, Forever, due Oct. 27 via Warner Bros. Records.



Tonight during the 2014 BET Hip Hop Awards Brandy performed “I Wanna Be Down” with guest appearances from Queen Latifah, MC Lyte and Yo-Yo.

uploading again soon.

Watch: Jazmine Sullivan: “Brandy is the top influence to all R&B female artists.”

Tonight after the #ASCAP #WomenBehindTheMusic event honorng #JazmineSullivan Event friend to the site Silent had the chance to interview Jazmine Sullivan after the show and Jazmine had this to say:

BET’s ‘The Game’ To End After Nine Seasons!

On Monday, October 6, BET announced (see network statement below) that Mara Brock Akil’s The Game would be coming to an end after the conclusion of seasons eight and nine, which are being taped now to air in early 2015. spoke with Brock Akil shortly after the announcement to get her exclusive insights on the shows incredible run.


All good things must come to an end and after celebrating four successful seasons of THE GAME on BET, the Network has announced production is underway on the show’s final two seasons. In January 2011 the cult following of The Game proved that the show was a fan favorite with 7.7 million viewers for its premiere debut on BET. With seasons eight and nine, we’re excited to end on a high note by giving Sabers fans a chance to bid farewell to their favorite players on and off the field.

What made you decide that seasons eight and nine would be the last for The Game?

Shows do end; that is a part the business. I’m very happy BET gave The Game five additional seasons to explore these characters and this world. We made history when we got to the network and it’s nice to be able to celebrate the great achievements of the show.

Looking back, is there any storyline that you would have changed?

No, I don’t live in that place. I don’t regret anything that we’ve done.


Video: R&B Singer Nivea Sends praises to Brandy “I Am A Brandy Fan”

Recently Nivea sat down with Malcom Music to talk about her career, the industry, and also lists who some of her favorite vocalists are; a list which includes our fave Brandy! Check out the clip below:

FF to 3:20 , To view the complete nivea interview click here


Happy 20th Birthday “Brandy”

Today is a special day for us Brandy fans, we are celebrating the release of Brandy’s first album “Brandy” the album that introduced us to Brandy. I remember when she released this album, it was relateable! This was when we had cassette’s (LOL, don’t judge me), I remember playing mine until the taped popped I went and bought another copy. Remembering back when the music video for ‘I Wanna Be Down’ was released, I would sit in front of the tv and mimic the dance moves. To me Brandy was and still is EVERYTHING! I still play the album ’til this day. If you follow me on Instagram then you will know I asked a few of you what your favorite songs were alot of the stars said: “As Long As Your Here”, “Love Is On My Side”, “Sunny Day” & “Always On My Mind” to name a few.

In celebration of the album “Brandy” purchase it today on Itunes, Google Play, Amazon Music (Free if You have Amazon Prime) TODAY!

Brandy was a teen she was young & fly and the girl could sing and dance. I was in love! Brandy’s first album “Brandy” came out exactly 20 years ago, on September 27, 2014! Brandy is the self-titled debut album by American R&B singer Brandy. It was released by Atlantic Records on September 27, 1994 in North America, December 5 in the United Kingdom and on several dates in Europe and Oceania, starting on February 3, 1995. The album contains a range of contemporary genres, and the songs are a mix of soft hip hop soul, pop and contemporary mid–1990s R&B. They were chiefly produced by Keith Crouch who would contribute all four single releases from the album. Aside from Crouch, Norwood worked with a range of other writers and producers, including R&B group Somethin’ for the People, Arvel McClinton, and Damon Thomas and young Robin Thicke.

Four singles were released from the album, two of which became number-one hits on the Billboard Hot R&B Singles. “I Wanna Be Down” was chosen as the album’s lead single, reaching the top ten in the United States and the top 20 in Australia and New Zealand. The song was critically lauded, and was regarded as a standout track on Brandy. The album’s second single, “Baby” was also well received and charted even higher. With the following two singles, “Best Friend” and “Brokenhearted” also reaching the top ten in the US, Norwood established herself as one of the most successful of the new breed of urban R&B female vocalists to emerge during the mid-to late 1990s. It also garnered Norwood two Grammy Award nominations for Best New Artist and one for the album’s second single, “Baby” for Best Female R&B Vocal Performance at the 38th Grammy Awards in 1996.

1. Movin’ On
2. Baby
3. Best Friend
4. I Wanna Be Down
5. I Dedicate (Pt. 1)
6. Brokenhearted
7. I’m Yours
8. Sunny Day
9. As Long As You’re Here
10. Always On My Mind
11. I Dedicate (Pt. 2)
12. Love Is On My Side
13. Give Me You
14. I Dedicate (Pt. 3)

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Video: DidiDole “Her voice is like honey on like melting ice cream..”

Check out this video of soul singer Didi Dole recently had a show and our friend Silent had a chance to catch up with her afterwards to speak about her influences in the music industry, naming Brandy as one. Check out what she had to say about Brandy below:

Check out more exclusive videos from some of your faves on True Exclusives Youtube Page: