Holiday Music with Brandy

It’s been a burning question for years:

“Why hasn’t Brandy recorded a Christmas album yet?”

Late last year, was able to catch up with Brandy and ask her what everyone’s been wanting to know. Check out what she had to say below.



So just what happened soon after? Brandy and singer India.Arie surprised everyone with a snippet of a Christmas collaboration! The soul-stirring rendition of “Silent Night” gave us fans our first taste of Brandy over a Christmas song (not counting the ‘Singing Holiday’ Brandy doll). The full song is set to release later this year on the “India Arie & Joe Sample: Christmas with Friends” album.  If you haven’t heard, check out the snippet right below.



Even more recently, MBK Entertainment CEO and manager of Brandy, Jeff Robinson, hinted at an upcoming Christmas album release featuring numerous artists he’s worked with over the span of his career.

Jeff Rob Screen Shot


Could this mean we have more holiday music from Brandy coming this year? Here’s hoping so!

#SanginSaturday: “Brokenhearted” feat. Wanya Morris (1995)

Welcome to the first edition of #SanginSaturday where we’ll post some of our favorite live performances by our beloved Brandy. Check out this video of Brandy and Boyz II Men singer, Wanya Morris, singing the Soulpower Remix of “Brokenhearted” back in 1995. Watch as Brandy demonstrates the lush vocals we’ve all come to know and love, showing that, even at 16, she was no vocalist to play with.



What a stellar performance! Be sure to check back here next Saturday to catch the next #SanginSaturday performance.

Meet My Team: Wan Wan (Parody)

So, if you don’t know me yet, that’s fine. Let me formerly introduce myself:

I’m Wan Wan.

I became one of the Admins of Brandy Daily a couple of months back, and I must say I’m having a lot of fun working with JenJen and Ally. I also had the pleasure of working with Brandy over the summer while she played Roxie Hart on Chicago: The Musical. Now, we’ve all seen Brandy’s “Meet My Team” videos, but my video seems to have been lost in the shuffle. That’s okay, though, because I happened to find it lying around on my YouTube page. Take a look at what Brandy had to say about me and my work with her below.



Wow. If you know me, you know I freaked out over this! It’s great to know that you’re appreciated by your fave. Don’t get it twisted– carrying Ricolas can be a difficult job, and don’t let anybody tell you different! Also, be sure to stay tuned into Brandy Daily because I’ll posting about a very special gift I gave to Brandy on her last night. I have a copy the gift signed by Brandy herself that I’ll be sharing as a giveaway. Trust me, you don’t want to miss this!

Starz Survival Kit: 5 Things To Do While You Wait For Brandy’s EP

The news of Brandy’s highly-anticipated EP broke in May, and ever since, fans have been waiting for what’s sure to be a 5-track masterpiece. But as the months have gone on, have you found yourself a bit… restless? Are you tossing and turning at night out of fear of missing that iTunes link dropping? Are you distracted at work or school because you’re daydreaming about possible music videos for the project? Did you almost walk out in traffic because you were imagining the runs Brandy would be slaying us all with? Patience is the game, but you’re not that great of a player, huh? Don’t worry! Brandy Daily has got you covered.


1. Listen to Brandy ‘A Capellas’ or “Brandy: In Reverse”

Sometimes the beat can drown out the many hidden layers Brandy adds to a song, but that’s why it’s always great to have an a capella on hand to get the full-effect of her genius. Check out this a capella version of “Talk About Our Love” (posted by YouTube member Mayk Maciel) and tell us how many new harmonies you hear. You’d be surprised at how much you missed.

And if you’ve heard every Brandy a capella released, how about “Brandy: In Reverse?” Hmm?  Trust me, “Focus” sounds totally different and just as good backwards. Give it a try!

2. Re-watch Old Television Appearances

Brandy’s graced our tv screens for years with shows like Thea, Moesha, and The Game; but what about guest appearances on other popular shows? Remember when Brandy stirred up trouble as Michelle on UPN’s One on One? Check out the episode posted by YouTube member Msbabyrudeness11 below.


Did you forget about her 5-episode stint on Lifetime’s Drop Dead Diva? 


3. Listen to Brandy-inspired Artists

Countless of artists have referenced Brandy as one of their top vocal influences, and some of that is even evident in their music. One of my personal favorite Brandy-inspired artists is India Shawn. Check out her album “Outer Limits” below. You’re in for a treat!

4. Watch A Marathon of Brandy Music Videos

Grab your popcorn and drinks, plop it down on the couch, and enjoy the 18-year span of Brandy music videos. It’s truly a cool experience watching her grow as a vocalist and artist over that time period. You can sweeten any dull weekend with this event!

You can watch years 1994-1999 on “Brandy: The Videos”, which can be found on Amazon.

5. Watch Old Footage of Brandy in the Studio

Are you imagining what it’s like to be with Brandy in the studio as she’s preparing the EP–the belting, coo-ing, layering, etc? What a tantalizing thought! However, you can relive past studio sessions right below. Get ready to have your mind blown as Brandy takes us through the creative process.

And there you have it! You’re all set up to weather the wait of the Brandy EP. Keep this up for a few weeks, and before you know it, you’ll have the EP right in your hands. Starz, what other ways are you keeping your Brandy-appetite satisfied? Comment below and let us know!

What’s New With ‘Zoe Ever After’?

The old saying ‘the calm before the storm’ best describes Brandy’s current social media status. The hiatus, so to speak, has caused a few Starz to ask, “Where’s B?” But rest assured, Brandy has proven time and time again that when things are quiet, she’s hard at work. Whether putting finishing touches on the highly anticipated EP with DJ Camper or in table reads for her new BET sitcom Zoe Ever After, she’s undoubtedly putting all her efforts into ensuring The Next Brandy is a top contender.

But you know the Starz, dahlin’.

Brandy fans are hands down some of the best detectives on the net, rivaling the work of some FBI/police departments! Here’s a look at some of the deets they’ve found over the past few weeks.

Great day! #zoeeverafter shooting in a few weeks ! @4everbrandy #funny #laugh #sitcom #happiness

A photo posted by Danny Rose (@dannyroseinla) on

#goodday #goodmorning #atlanta ! #zoeeverafter rehearsals with @4everbrandy

A photo posted by Danny Rose (@dannyroseinla) on

It appears that Zoe Ever After is in full-effect. Kudos to the Starz for weaving the “tea” together–a piece here, a piece there! Here’s hoping Brandy gives us a bit of a sneak peek into the production process. The show is scheduled to air at the top of the 2016. Who’s excited?

#TBT Ray J In Concert With Brandy (Disney, 1997)

This week’s #TBT goes to none other than Brandy & Ray J. Brandy and Ray J perform together in 1997, as a part of the Disney Channel TV Movie concert series. The dynamic between brother sister is amazing, it shows how close they really are. Brandy and Ray J go behind the scenes of how their concert for Disney came together. You see great family moments between Willie and Sonja Norwood, you see their interaction with their Grandmother. The show was great! Do you remember watching this? We all know Brandy can SANG but in this video Ray J shows he can SANG as well. Check out the video below:

Interview: Kempire Radio

DRUMROLL PLEASE! The moment we have all been waiting for (well at least the moment I have been waiting for)! Our dear friend Kempire of Kempire Radio recently caught up with Brandy and asked the questions that we all have been wanting the answers to! They talked about her overcoming her past, her experience on Broadway and much more! Check out the complete interview below and also be sure to listen to Kempire Radio Live every Friday 8pm-12am on also head over to for your daily dose of real talk!!!


“Doing the same thing over and over expecting the something to be different is the definition of insanity”. This struck a cord with me personally and made me think that maybe if I change something in my life then the results will be different. Do yourself a favor and change your approach to things and you might see the change you are hoping for! Much Love!

Image via Uptown Magazine

#MoeshaMonday: Hakeems Birthday

Have you ever been in the situation where you wanted to help out a friend and it backfires? Or you thought what you were doing was what was best for your friend and it actually was not? Well Moesha has been in that spot numerous times. Mo has a thing for butting in peoples business when they do not want her too. And Hakeems birthday was one of those times. Enjoy!!



#SoulSundays: I Don't Care

Happy Sunday Starz! This weeks #SoulSunday comes from Ms. Colette the one star that has all the info! She chose ‘I Don’t Care’ as her song. Check out her reasoning why!!!


The song I picked for soul Sunday is ‘I Don’t Care’. Brandy spoke to my soul with this song! The lyrics and her tone sends me into convulsions every time I hear it. There’s no way you can listen to this song just once when it comes on. I honestly restart the song over and over. On a serious note, this song is a perfect representation for how I feel about my loved ones. There’s no such thing as a perfect family or a perfect relationship and no matter what I don’t care I will continue to love them regardless. The lyrics….the lyrics are just everything. “For your love I would swim clear across the ocean, if I knew I’ll die I’ll die trying….do anything for hearts devotion cause I see the God in your eyes, and you’ll be the sun in my sky, the star that’ll guide me at night…even times when we fight it’s alright…I’m tell you like this right here and I ain’t never go nowhere, they can say what they want, I don’t care”. 

What better explanation than that! If you are anything like me when someone talks about a song in that way I want to run and listen to it. Sooooo take a second sit back and hear what Colette hears!!



Good Luck 2 Ya!!

Well well well it has came to the point that we never wanted to see: BRANDYS FINAL SHOW AS ROXIE HART! But I can say that fans showed up and showed out for our girl Brandy in a major way dahlin’. All it took was for one fan to pull up and blast “Full Moon” and turn W 49th street into a mini block party. Not to mention her fellow castmate Natasha Yvette Williams (who plays Matron “Mama” Morton) could not help but dance along with everyone else. What better way to end her run as Roxie Hart than that right there.


We all know that the #starz are her extended family and August 2nd was the realist family reunion I have ever seen. Not only were the #starz out but also a slew of her family, friends and manager Jeff Robinson showed up to see her final curtain call in Chicago The Musical! Don’t worry if you missed out like I did because like everything else it was caught on video. So take a minute sit back and bask in the moment! And make sure to watch it all the way through for a little fun fact from Willie Norwood!


As Brandy goes on to do other things lets all give her a huge GOOD LUCK 2 YA!